If you’ve noticed irregularities on your roof, it’s important to take them seriously. When a roof sags, there’s almost always an underlying problem in the structure of the roof or the rafters that should be addressed by a professional. Let’s explore some signs of a sagging roof and how roofing professionals can fix these problems.

Signs of a Sagging Roof

If you suspect something looks wrong, try walking a good distance from your home and looking back at your roof. It will be easier for you to determine whether your eyes are playing tricks on you or if there’s actually a problem. Your roof should be flat and smooth. The ridgeline should be horizontal and not bow in the middle.

If any shingles are torn, wavy, or coming loose, that’s another indication of sagging. Shingles should lay flat against the decking of the roof.

It’s important to check and clean your gutters regularly. They should sit flat against the roofline and not bow or pull away.

What Causes a Sagging Roof?

Water damage is the top culprit when it comes to a sagging roof. If gutters aren’t cleaned and maintained regularly, water backs up onto the roof and can seep under shingles. Wooden structures underneath will rot if they’re continuously exposed to water. If this is the case, then roofing professionals will most likely recommend a whole roof replacement.

A poorly designed roof with materials that are too small can cause bowing and sagging after a number of years. A curved ridgeline is a good indication that the house was built with improper materials. It may require the help of both a roofer and a carpenter to fix the underlying bracing.

Older homes often have bracing and shingles that are just worn-out. Roofing materials don’t last forever. Plus, roofing structures and designs change often to keep up with coding regulations, so it’s important to assess the age and condition of your roof often. Getting your roof inspected yearly is a good way to get ahead of any potentially costly damage. A roofer will be able to fix any problem spots or let you know when it’s time to go for a whole roof replacement.

Overloaded roofs can start to sag over time. Installations such as skylights can add weight to a roof. They should only be installed by a professional to ensure that they don’t add unnecessary weight.

While it may be tempting to ignore roof problems, especially if the damage area is small or only in one spot, it’s best to call in a professional. There may be underlying damage that you can’t see, which will cause more costly problems down the road.

How’s a Sagging Roof Fixed?

The best and first line of defense is regular roof inspections. Get your roof inspected and maintained yearly to avoid costlier problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For roofs that have existing water damage, roofers will strip the roof down to the deck layer on trouble spots to determine the extent of the leak. If the damage is minimal and the rest of the roof is in good condition, a roofer might be able to patch those spots. However, if the damage extends far from the leaks, or if there’s a possibility of collapse, a roofer will likely recommend a whole roof replacement.

During a roof replacement, rotted decking, trusses, and rafters will be replaced with fresh wood. Roofers will replace or install flashing around trouble spots like chimneys and valleys, which serves to direct water away from any openings. They’ll ensure that the roof is properly vented and install venting if necessary. Lastly, roofers will install a top layer of ice shield and shingles.

If a ridgeline is bowing, the entire structure of the house could be compromised. This often indicates undersized building materials in the structure of the house, which will have to be replaced with the help of a building contractor. Once the properly sized materials are installed, a roofing team will then be able to fix the roof.

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